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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements are embedded in PSD's district policies.  Please read the following policies carefully as there are some variations for each high school and sometimes, even, particular programs within each high school.

Centennial, Fort Collins, Fossil Ridge, Poudre and Rocky Mountain High Schools Graduation Requirements

CORE (central core of thinking, communicating and career skils) requirements are available in the Common Learnings district policy.

If you have questions about these policies, please contact your student's high school office.

Centennial High School                                     970-488-4940

Fort Collins High School                                    970-488-8021

Fossil Ridge High School                                  970-488-6260

PSD Online Academy                                         970-490-3086

Poudre High School                                            970-488-6011

Poudre Transition Center                                   970-490-3295

Rocky Mountain High School                             970-488-7023


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