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Pinnacle Grade Viewer

The Pinnacle Grade Viewer or Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) is currently available for most secondary schools and is being piloted for a few elementary schools. If you are familiar with Pinnacle Grade Viewer you may select Middle & High Schools or Elementary Schools to login into. If you are not familiar please continue reading below.

The schools participating in this program have or will be sending out notification to parents and students when it is available. The information sent out should have the StudentID and PIN Code  required to view the student’s reports. If you have not received anything please call your child's school.

Pinnacle Internet Viewer (PIV) redefines home-to-school connectivity. Real-time grade reporting means no more waiting for semester, weekly or even daily teacher reports or file downloads!  Changes or an addition to student information is available instantly to both parents and students.  Teachers enter grade information into their electronic gradebook and PIV organizes and formats the data for convenient viewing at any time, day or night.

Note:  For security reasons, the displayed reports do not contain reference to a student name. Looking up previously referenced pages from this browser will not reveal the person to whom the data belongs.  The information available from this viewer is specific only to a given student ID and Pin code.   It is the obligation of the user of this web page to know the proper student ID and Pin code for the selected school site.


PIV is not meant to replace direct communication between you and your teachers. If you have questions about any of the information, please discuss them with your teachers.


The PIV service is not meant to replace direct communication between students/parents/teachers or other school staff members. If you have questions about any of the information, please discuss them with you your child first. Then have your child discuss it with their teachers. If you need further clarification, please contact the school or your child’s teacher.

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