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Neighborhood School Locator

Enter an address that is in the PSD attendance area. The Neighborhood School Locator will attempt to determine the schools that serve that address.
Search Address:
  • Addresses may be entered in upper or lower case (or both)
  • Start with the house number
  • Next include, if appropriate, a direction (N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW) (optional)
  • The street name comes next - you must spell it correctly
    • Enter "CR" for county roads (e.g. 1234 W CR 66)
    • Enter "US 287" for highway 287 (e.g. 1234 N US 287)
    • Enter "HWY 1" for highway 1 or "HWY 14" for highway 14
  • The next part is the street type (e.g. AVE, BLVD, CT, CIR, DR, etc.) (optional)
  • If you do not get a hit, try leaving off the direction and/or the street type

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